Four Types of Web Professionals

The boom in e-commerce has led to an increase in the demand for web professionals. Everyone wants to have websites with latest web design trends. Based on the type of work required, web designers fall into one or more of the 4 basic categories:

  •    Back-End Web Developer: These are basically the code developers who are the brains behind the development of pretty sites. They use programming languages like Ruby, PHP, Perl, Java, and Python to create stunning behind-the-scenes interactivity features in your website.
  •    Web Designer: A web designer is someone who customises the site according to your needs. They create the look of the website, the navigation bar, the icons etc.
  •    Front-End Web Developer: These are the people who normally make the sites user-friendly and easy to navigate. The concepts given by the designer is brought into actual play by these guys. They normally make use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. to run the sites glitch free.
  •    Web Team: A group of people that takes care of all the above makes a web team. So, right from the concept to efficient running, all things are taken care of by a good team.

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